Matty McTech’s Websites To Cure Boredom

Here is a list of websites that can cure your boredom from my TikTok series. Sometimes you just need to log off your game or drop your work and load up a quick and easy way to relieve some stress… and no I’m not talking about “those” websites. I have curated a list of 50+ ways to entertain yourself. This list has something for everyone including music, gaming, and tv watching websites. Stop reopening Facebook and twitter for the hundredth time and search for a website below.

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 Website NameLinkDescription
1Geo Guessr where in the world you are on google maps
2Find the Invisible Cow a game of hot and cold where you find an invisible cow
3Pranx hacker sumulator and typer
4Ocearch Shark Tracker sharks around the world
5Boil the Frog the perfect music playlist
6OOPS Forgot this one
7Virtual Vacation what city you were dropped in
8Nvidia Gaugan ai turn your basic landscape into artwork
9My 70s TV tv from the 70s
10Window Swap the World from a random window
11Quick Draw Google guess what you are drawing?
12National Museum Tour a tour of the Smithsonian
13True Size of the true size of countries
14Frame Synthesis Driving on google maps
15Play Phrase quotes that were used in movies
162050 Earthhttps://2050.earthA prediction on what earth will look like in 2050
17Sporcle through hundreds of quizzes
18Autodraw things fast
19Vo Codes fake text to speech with celebrities
20UFO Stalker UFO sightings around the world
21Office stare machine clips from the office based on the emotion you type
22Google Feud top google autocomplete searches
23Minecraft Classic minecraft classic in your browser
24Classic reload classic games in your browser
25Bored Button random websites when you're bored
26No Clip around video game maps
27Spend Elons Fortune how fast you can spend Elon Musk's money
28Yarn clips in movies and tv shows
29Emu OS up old windows operating systems
30Meca Bricks legos in your browser
31GeoFS around google maps
32Higher Lower Game which monthly google search is higher or lower
33Pink Trombone noises with a model of the human vocal tract
34Human Benchmark your abilities with brain games
35Logos from Memory if you can draw logos from memory
36Paint WTF a drawing to match a prompt and get graded on it
37Little Alchemy 2 a game where you create different elements
38Windows 93 a fake version of windows 93 with cool easter eggs
39Tyrone Unblocked Games unblocked games in your browser
40Life Stats cool stats about how long you've been alive
41Hood Maps Map of cities and neighborhoods
42Emulator Games Online console games within your browser!
43Auction Game how much different art work sold for
44Radio Garden to radio stations from around the world
45Jelly Mario a weird version of Mario
46Internet Arcade Arcade games from every decade
47Free Rice trivia questions to donate rice
48Playback Fm the top song when you were born
4910 Years ago what websites looked like 10 years ago today
50My Emulator Online games from different consoles in your browser
51Unblocked Games games that are unblocked for your school
52Hypnogram AI create art using a prompt
53Wiki Game to make it from one wiki page to another by clicking links
54Incrediboxhttps://www.incredibox.comCreate beats by using chracters who sing
55Useless Webhttps://www.theuselessweb.comClick a button that takes you to a useless website
56Deep Sea the Deep sea to see how far it goes
57Krunker a cool FPS game directly in your Browser!
58Wiki Trivia where in a historical timeline, events should go
59Song Trivia the artist or song by listening to music
60Squabble a battle royale version of wordle
61Language Guesser the language of different music videos.
62Lets Settle This the most rage inducing online debates